Artistic Direction

Eva started out working in the creative industry in London for many years, ending her career in advertising as a brand manager for large corporate companies, both in London and the States.  Her leap into becoming a professional fine artist came with a move to the Cotswolds, where she opened an art gallery and launched her commercial art business selling to the TV and film industry as well as the corporate sector.

Eva’s work often starts with a look at our daily movements and the barely detectable impression, traces and marks we leave behind as we move through domestic space.  There are hints of mechanical reproduction in her work.  Often her work uses the images our imagination finds in the material world around us, a little like a child may find pictures in the patterns of their clothes or curtains! She is inspired by abstract constructs.

“I learnt that in our primitive beginnings we had a highly tuned sense of abstract shapes and patterns in our environment – very important for remembering the landscape and navigating the wilderness.  I look around me and don’t see representational objects like trees or houses, for example, but the shapes and patterns that make up these objects.  I look at an apple and look for the texture, colour, light and shade that make it up.”

She does not always use a paintbrush, instead applying paint to canvas by pressing, rolling, rubbing, pouring and printing.

“I experiment a lot, especially with my paints.  I like to see what paint will do without being applied by a brush.  For example, dripping, rubbing, scraping.  The effects are difficult to control but this element of not being able to predict the final outcome is addictive”.

Her latest work takes this into a new area – Eva fills plastic bottles with liquid paint and literally ‘draws’ images as the paint slowly gets squeezed out.


Photography by © Sarah Ferrara